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We have the technical & scientific capabilities and capacities to uniquely position, organize and support natural and built infrastructure projects for Municipal clients.
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Inera Core Services and Team

Inera is an expanding multi-disciplinary First Nation Engineering, Hydrotechnical and Environmental consulting and contracting technical services firm operating out of eight offices across British Columbia including, Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, Prince George, Chilliwack, Surrey, Ft St John and Vancouver with services delivered to a wide spectrum of clients around the world on 5 continents, in over 16 countries.

We offer a range of technical services to clients operating in Government and Municipal, Water and wastewater, Transportation, Energy, Forestry, Lands and Buildings sectors. Our Geographical reach enables us to better serve our clients throughout the Province and Western Canada. We pride ourselves in offering efficient engineering, environment, forestry, and landscape architecture solutions to our client base that includes Indigenous communities, land developers, forest licensees and community forests, Ministries of the Provincial Government, Municipalities, and Non-governmental organizations.

Environmental Sciences
Resource Inventory and Analysis
Civil Engineering
Geotechnical and Materials Testing
Structural Engineering
Landscape Architecture

Inera Core Services and Team

Asset management – Extending the life of a Municipal asset
We are expanding our experience in asset integrity management to Institute of Asset Management’s (IAM) professional certification and ISO 55000 and PAS 55 standards.


Provincial and Federal Funding for Municipal projects
We have also recently added more resources needed to support Municipal grant funding application proposals for Provincial and Federal grant funding programs. We work closely with our clients to review, prepare, and qualify capital projects for technical fit, eligibility, and compliancy; working with senior-level funding adjudicators to ensure alignment with specific funding eligibility criteria. Our rates are highly competitive, and we deploy best management practices (BMPs) to deliver value for cost and to achieve the highest quality and industry standards and practices.


Indigenous Communities
The Inera Team has had the honor of working with over 40 Indigenous communities throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Our philosophy is that open and transparent communication is a key factor in creating and maintaining trusted working relationships. Our belief in listening to community members and truly hearing individual concerns leads to an understanding of community needs and ultimately helps drive project objectives and outcomes. Knowledge sharing is a two-way street, that begins with individual community members. Over the past years the Inera Team has developed relationships with many Indigenous communities including Osoyoos Indian Band, Halfway River First Nation, Yekooche First Nation, Cheam First Nation, Katzie First Nation, Kamloops Indian Band, Canim Lake Indian Band, Skeetchestn Indian Band, Adams Lake Indian Band, Westbank First Nation, and the Okanagan First Nation Alliance.

We strongly believe in facilitating training of community members to instill a sense of ownership and self-sufficiency in land management. We have provided office and field-based training programs to several communities that have led to the development of technical capacity, including the use of field-ready iPads, ArcGIS systems, drones, and other data collection and land management tools. We are excited when we see this training enable community members to adopt the latest in industry-standard techniques and technology within a wide range of land and resource management programs.


Consultation on behalf of First Nations
The Inera Team has worked extensively supporting First Nations and their ideals in consultation with all levels of engagement. Presently with sit on multiple committees and boards though out the province on behalf of First Nations communities to offer our teams expertise and level of confidence in the required fields. Some of the engagement that we presently represent First Nations on are: The Regional Strategic Environmental Assessment committee, Negotiations with Indigenous Services Canada, Treaty Land Entitlement negotiation support to name a few.

  • Flood protection works
  •  Road drainage
  • Creek restoration
  • River gravel deposition assessment and removal programs
  • River and stream engineering
  • Forestry road bridge, access road, and culvert hydraulics design
  • Construction review, upgrades, and replacements.
  • Urban bridge and culvert hydraulics design/construction
  • Dike design, instream weirs and spillways
  • Multiple pipeline creek crossings
  • Shoreline protection works
  • Aerial photography interpretation
  • Dam spillway design
  • Side cast weir design
  • Channel assessment of logged watersheds
  • Large scale flow measurement weir design
  • Dike inspection/manual
  • Selection of creek flow monitoring station locations
  • Channel stabilization works
  • Mine water management plans / Review of intake works
  • Hydrological and hydraulic computer modeling (1-D and 2-D
    modelling) of clear-water and debris flood
  • Channel relocation
  • Channel geomorphology
  • Creek erosion control works
  • Roads and highway substrate stress analysis and integrity management,
  • Rip-rap design engineering,
  • River and stream diversion
  • In-stream works
  • Regulatory compliance verification,
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Hydrological and hydrogeological and geomorphological assessments
  • Highway, bridge, and road design.

Multi-disciplinary life-cycle project experience

The Inera team brings a unique and diverse group of highly capable scientists and engineers with large consulting background experience to deliver complex infrastructure projects. Our project management experience and processes enable us to build the right team and skills around the scope, schedule, and budget of each project.

We have the team and the experience to deliver complex infrastructure projects.Our project management experience and processes enable us to build the right team and skills around the scope, schedule, and budget of each project.